Life in Stolpe is characterised by its lifeline, the River Peene – European destination of excellence. Here you will find one of the last remaining and most diverse wilds in Western Europe.

The River Peene is the last unspoilt river valley of Western Europe and offers a unique landscape going back to the Pomeranian Weichselian glaciation. Its name comes from the Slavic language and means “foamy river”.

It leads into the larger river “Peenestrom” in Anklam, one of the three branches of the River Oder. The river’s upper reaches are divided into several small rivers which all carry the name “Peene” in it.

The slope of the 104 km long River Peene is only 24 cm. This circumstance helped create a flooding mire 500 to 700 meters wide which became home for the distinct plant and animal life.

The peacefulness of the numerous natural conservation areas is the home of rare animals like sea eagles, kingfishers, beaver or otters. Former peat cutting, tributaries, riverside woodlands and huge weed areas today form the natural conservation reserve “Peenetal”.
It is, in fact, the biggest connected low marsh land of Central Europe.