Whether for a small birthday party, a medium-sized meeting, a large reception or the Mecklenburg-Western Pomeranian Music Festival: at Gut Stolpe, you’ll find a suitable room for every event.


Bülow Haal

In a historically elegant setting and with a very special atmosphere: the Bülow Hall in the former horse stable with its old field stone walls. Room for up to 120 people.

The hall is also perfect for dancing– and outstanding dining, of course.


Seating capacity  
Chairs 200 persons
U-shape 70 persons
Banquet 120 persons

Floor plan

Maltzan Room

Small but nonetheless charming: the Maltzan room. For a board meeting, a baptism in small group, as well as for wedding ceremonies

Seating capacity  
Chairs 60 persons
U-shape 25 persons
Banquet 40 persons

Floor plan

Lounge of the old Horse Stable

At the beginning or end of a wonderful celebration. A glass of champagne to start, fine punches, strawberries from Stolpe. After lunch or dinner we will serve coffee and fine pastries. You may even dance – and have a gin tonic, a whiskey or a fruit cocktail at the bar.

Stolper Fährkrug

The ideal venue for your private party located right at the River Peene - the Stolper Fährkrug is one of the oldest inns in the country. Rustic and in the finest sense rural, with beer garden and open barbecue, freshly made oven bread and hearty smoked fish.

The Inn

From a bachelor party to a joyful birthday party: the tavern at the Stolper Fährkrug is ideal for country-style family celebrations.

Celebrate in the beer garden

Relaxed, content, the feeling of summer: the beer garden of the Stolper Fährkrug invites long summer evenings with a smoke oven, grill, and a view of the River Peene.

Culinary delights

Local, seasonal: The cuisine of the Stolper Fährkrug is down to earth and delicious. Fresh fish, hearty sausage - and meat dishes. Enjoy asparagus during spring, berries and fruits in the summer, game dishes, mushrooms and pumpkin in autumn - simply everything that land, river and sea offer.

Seating capacity  
En bloque 24 persons
Banquet 64 persons

Floor plan

Haferscheune - ( Oat Barn )

The framework for major events: whether it's a concert, a large-scale presentation or a dinner for a big group, it’s all possible in summer. As the Oat Barn has no heating, it can only be used in the warm season, however.

Seating capacity  
Chairs 900 persons
Banquet 380 persons

Floor plan

Rinderstall - ( Cattle Barn )

In summer, it is cosy in the old Cattle Barn. An unobstructed view over the estate. Old beams and red clinker floor. Festive with long white tablecloths or rustic with homemade ham. The old Cattle Barn can only be used during the warm season due to lack of heating.


Seating capacity  
Chairs 120 persons
Banquet 96 persons

Floor plan


Why choose a room, when you can celebrate in the park? You can determine the length of the coffee table - 200 joyful people have already once been seated at a single table! Only the clouds in the sky could make us move to an inside location...